And so it begins…

by : Isabelle Larin

I’ve been teaching oil painting to beginners for a while now. You would have told me 15 years ago that I would be teaching, and I would’ve scoffed at the idea. I NEVER imagined myself doing this!

I’m not an extrovert, talking in front of people doesn’t come easy to me, so to say there was some resistance is an understatement. But I had this strong inner feeling that this was the direction I needed to take, so I did.

And I’m so glad I did, because not only did I discovered that I really enjoy teaching, but I’ve been told that I’m actually good at it.

Fast forward a few years and the idea of putting my painting course online is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. My panicked little ego resists with all its might, but as they say in Star Trek “Resistance is futile”. Once again, that quiet inner feeling…

So here we are, after years of teaching and countless hours of research, writing and fine tuning my scripts, I finally start recording my voice overs. Not without some trepidation! I’ve always been the one doing the recording, not the one being recorded.

But life is nothing if not an adventure.

And so it begins…

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