Established in the early 1830’s, Winsor & Newton has been supplying premium quality oil paints and watercolors to world-class artists and British Royalty for over 170 years. They offer every possible type of oil paint you could be looking for:

  • Traditional professional grade – Artists’ oil colors
  • Student grade – Winton oil colors
  • Fast drying Alkyds – Griffin oil colors
  • Water mixable – Artisan oil colors
  • Not to mention mediums and paint brushes

They also have a Masterclass video series, where you will receive free weekly videos touching on various subjects (transparency/opacity, color permanence, tonal values, fat over lean…). Not all of them are related to oil painting, but all of them are interesting nonetheless. The videos are short (between 2 and 3 minutes) and really well made! Subscription is free here.